Murdannia loriformis (北京草 Beijing Grass Ya-Pak-King)

Loriformis Murdannia is medicinal herb beneficial to cure respiratory diseases, rids the body of toxins. This herb became famous in 1984 when a cancer patient recovered after drinking the juice of fresh grass. Many cancer patients now take this herb to reduce the side effects of modern medicine like chemotherapy. This herbs helps to treat various fevers, relieve cough and strengthen immune system.

In Thailand, the fresh leaves of Loriformis Murdannia are used extensively to treat various kinds of cancer including those of liver, stomach, intestines, uterus and breasts as well as leukemia*.

To make fresh juice, take the stems of about six plants, weighing 100-120 grammes, slice them into small pieces and pound them in a mortar. Add 60 millilitres of clean water and then sieve the mixture through a white cloth. The fresh juice should be consumed right away. For best results, drink two tablespoons of fresh juice twice a day in the morning and evening, before meals. (Children should take half this measure). Make sure to follow the recommended amounts. Those looking to boost their immune system should take the medicine for not longer than four to six weeks. It is a good idea to stop taking the medicine every now and again. For example, take it for five or six days and then take a break for four or five days before resuming**.

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